Luxury wedding in Ibiza


                    He is a real man; she is a delicate and fragile beauty. They decided to unite their hearts in one of the most romantic and famous places in the world – on the Spanish island of Ibiza. The celebration took place in a magnificent villa located on a rock next to the sea. By a happy coincidence, the groom was the owner of this elegant palace designed in a “high-tech” style. Therefore, main part of the preparations were made in advance. The ceremony at the altar started not long before the sunset. The next episode took place at the very long wedding table, with the guests occupying both sides. Since the bride was born in Kiev, there were no chance to avoid dancing activities. Friends from Kiev had a blast that night, presenting the powerful and intriguing famine side of Slavonic culture. There were also numerous performers: singers, fire-tamers and off course, the vibrant flamenco dancer! Of course, for a wedding photographer from Barcelona, ​​there was no shortage of bright moments. Pictures from the wedding turned out to be cheerful, full of happiness and smiles resembling the unique atmosphere of the holiday. The last but not the least was the fact that the bride managed to leave for a special photo shoot shortly before the start of the ceremony. She invited her most loved ones – the aunt and the mother. We went downstairs, to the cliffs foot to make some quick but memorable shots. Ladies skillfully posed against the background of Mediterranean goodliness and we managed to make various good pictures for the family archive.

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