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Samples of 3d virtual tours made in Barcelona

                   What is 360 Panorama or Virtual Tour?  First – it’s not a steel image made from one angle. This is a full-scale first-person view. The technology, which recreates a complete circular view, as if you would be standing inside a room or any location with your own eyes. Virtual tours are available for viewing on the computer and on any mobile device, including smartphones. This new option of presentation has made a number of qualitative changes in many areas of our modern life. With the help of a 3D image, the client can look at any object being able to see all the important details without leaving a house. Moreover, even the number of seller’s duties has decreased significantly. Customers, which would like to get a general idea about any goods or services, could easily use this powerful tool.

                   Those companies that are constantly pursuing the high level of public image nowadays involve 3d-technologies as a reliable basement for future advance and development. Thanks to the fact, that virtual tours created with the idea to be viewed in popular browsers do not incorporate images of big scale, they enjoy a significantly fast loading rate at any device. The typical technology that allows user to open the tour at any browsing software is Flash software package. However, in my case I am using progressive HTML5 technology, which came to replace already quite an obsolete Flash. This decision allowed me to create virtual excursions that could be easily viewed from mobile devices of any brand without installing additional programs.

                   The second option for delivering your virtual business presentation to a potential customer is the virtual tour formed from images with ultra-high resolution. The quality of spherical high definition panoramas always give the right impression. In case of tour delivery to the client with the means of compact media storage device, the virtual presentation will look like a single executive file, which starts without installing and having everything packed inside itself. Such virtual tour could easily be stored on any low capacity USB drive or CD/DVD disk. A virtual excursion presented as a business card is an elegant way to introduce your services. Your client will get the perfect welcome surprise and the possibility to overview the offer in the virtual panoramic space at any time necessary.

                   The price starts from 140 euros per tour. This includes shooting and producing tour of any seven locations of a property. It can be any type of rooms, terraces, bathrooms. Including, for example, garden next to the house, location at the front door from the street, street in front of the house, garage or underground parking. If you need to include more than seven locations in the virtual tour, each subsequent location will cost 15 euros. In the case of requesting a tour for an object with multiple premises or several real estate objects, a discount is granted immediately.

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