Basic virtual tour: fast to produce and with affordable price-tag

In past times, it’s been possible to shoot spherical panoramas with  any full-size digital camera. But that always meant quite a lot of post-processing to stitch all the images together in one panoramic photo. The thing that’s different about these mini-revolution produced by new cameras, is that they do it in one click and process the image in the camera. It’s much quicker and simpler, and it opens up possibilities for shots that weren’t really possible before.


The Ricoh company has been a pioneer with this type of camera. Their model Ricoh Theta S is their second-generation camera. It doesn’t look much like a camera–it’s looks more like an oversized pen-drive—but it has two lenses that shoot in opposite directions. The complete stitching of the images takes place directly in the camera. And Ricoh has done some smart things in making it quick and easy to share the images. One of the opportunities offered by these cameras is to shoot real estate or architectural virtual tours cheaply and quickly.

However, the quality might be an issue. Companies, which are focusing  on creating a  virtual tour as a keystone of marketing, might exist a possibility they’re expecting high-end image quality. And while the image quality you get out of the Theta S is good for a dedicated 360° camera, it doesn’t compare with the kind of quality you can get from a high-resolution panorama shot with a DSLR and stitched and post-processed on a computer. For demanding clients like that, I use a high-end Canon 6d Full-frame camera with a special  Panoramic Head. (Everything about high-resolution HDR virtual tour service that I offer: It’s slow,  heavy, and expensive, and there’s a lot of stitching and post-processing involved before you end up with a 360° spherical panorama. But the resolution and quality far exceeds what you can get out of the Theta S.

But there are a lot of situations where the quality goes in the “good enough” category. From this point of view I’ve found the Theta S to offer a new opportunity to propose to my clients something that they weren’t otherwise thinking of. If I’m shooting common interior  shoot, I’ll often would spend some spare moments to take a few spherical images with the Theta S that I can then propose (or sell) to the client for their web or social media tasks.

The price of this service is 60 euros and includes any 7 locations of your property. Each additional location has an extra cost of 10 euros. Normally the tour is being produced pretty fast, so in couple of days the permanent link, which leads to the tour’s starting page, will be delivered to you via email.




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