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Деловая фотография в Барселоне

My business photography works

A business portrait in a modern reality is one of the most important elements of an image of any leader or a businessman. Today, brand recognition is often closely related to the personal visibility of the company’s CEO and key managers.

Mass media advertisement, participating in conferences, trainings, promo events and presentations: al this activities now form essential part of business life. All these necessary elements are known to demand high level of photographic activities involving. Nowadays it is clear that the business portrait is designed to create a holistic and energetic image, demonstrating self-sufficiency, success and other qualities inherent in the leaders and valued in business community.

The corporate portrait includes both individual and group shots. Personal business photos in Barcelona are usually posted on the company’s corporate page, in order to enable customers to get visually acquainted with employees. Collective pictures perfectly demonstrate the unity and integrity of the aspirations and strong devotion to the team work.

A professional business portrait in Barcelona always finds many uses. It could be present on company’s web page, presentations, reports and even on ordinary business cards. It perfectly assists in developing and maintaining of personal contacts with customers and partners, increasing the level of loyalty to your brand. The following areas are the main spheres of business photo application:

  • Social networks
  • Company’s website or internal network
  • Press releases, marketing means and promotional events.
  • In business to business interactions: for contacts with partners or investors.
  • Official E-mail communication

Normally a business portrait is taken at the employee’s workspace or company’s office. If necessary, the photographer can organize professional portrait shooting in any location using an autonomous set of lighting devices. This type of photography could also be organized on the conference sites, production, in the store or trading center.

Despite the autonomy and compactness of the lighting equipment used, the business portrait produced by me has always a studio quality, offering the choice of natural poses and an optimistic and creative mood.

The service basic price is 200 euros. Standard package includes one successful and personally approved portrait for each of the employees with processing, retouching and color correction. The best picture is to be chosen by the employee or his chief among alternative versions of portrait shots. Maximum number of company’s personnel covered by this package is up to 8 people. One group shot of the team, participating in this activity is included. The service of business photography in Barcelona is available for both indoor and outdoor locations.

I will be more than happy to assist you on the way of creating the ideal business portrait in Barcelona!

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