Wedding video with aerial shooting

Свадебная видеосъемка в Барселоне

Samples of wedding video with aerial shooting

            I am sure that the wedding video shooting service in Barcelona is not just an event filmed by a professional with the help of the appropriate equipment. Finally, it has already turned to a both documentary and artistic movie, which goal is to preserve carefully the mood, feelings, and the atmosphere of what is happening during your wedding day. In addition, this defines the task of a wedding videographer in Barcelona not only to be in all places at the same time, but also to create a natural atmosphere of positive and understanding for each participant of this beautiful event.

He needs to underline the beauty of the location, make a correct lens choice, seize a good moment, share the necessary creative and emotional mood to his clients – this is how the work of a professional videographer looks like. To notice, to feel, to predict perfect composition for each frame, and to be aware every moment during the event: this is the only way to create the best living frames.

The wedding film should be interesting, dynamic, and appealing to your true emotions. During the postproduction period, I combine carefully chosen best moments with the music that suits them perfectly gathering all the day’s episodes into a harmonic story bursting with magic. Nothing is superfluous or boring, only the best and most sincere instants are included in your wedding film.

            There are two price offers for this type of service:

The main package. Price: € 1000. This includes the following activities:

  1. A professional video reportage coverage during a full working shift of 8 hours. Filming of all major events plus a romantic video promenade with just married couple on their wedding day. This walk results in creation of a music clip and its further incorporation to the final version of the wedding film. Commonly, it looks like a romantic video tale, full of tender and joyful moments, accompanied by appropriate music. This activity is always the subject of a prior discussion with a client.
  2. Editing the film, color correction, adding special effects, searching and adding suitable music (including tracks, previously agreed with a couple.) Total duration of a wedding film is up to 15 minutes.

Improved package with aerial photography. Price: € 1350. It features all that is included in the basic package. And adds some very useful extras:

  1. Unlimited work shift during the event, from the very beginning until the final point (not more than 11 hours en total)
  2. The duration of the final wedding film is up to 22 minutes.
  3. Aerial videography performed by skilled drone pilot and the latest equipment

Those, who might select this option, should know that in this case two people would work on your event as a videography unit. It would consist of the main camera operator and the drone operator. The pilot is providing aerial coverage where it is necessary during the whole wedding. He is also in charge of filming large-scale cinematic shots, which perfectly demonstrate the wedding location in various scales. He also performs the shooting of the following episodes: the ceremony (in the beginning and at the end), a romantic promenade and a reception standing which normally starts after the end of a ceremony. Depending on clients’ needs, it is possible to organize aerial shooting of any special moments or objects, located outdoor. It important to understand that aerial footage of a drone is always stunningly beautiful due to its unique position high above everything.

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