Prices and conditions

Engagement shoot in Barcelona

Cost: 160 euros. Package includes 3 hours of work of the photographer, one or two locations during the shooting. If you want to change your clothes on time during the shooting, it will not be a problem. After the editing stage of the photo session, the client receives 65- 85  good quality images with full-scale colour correction applied. I could provide my private car as a shuttle between shooting locations within the city if more then one place will be planned in advance.

Wedding photography in Barcelona.

I have three packages of service, which differs from each other with the amount of coverage time, provided by Barcelona wedding photographer at the event.

The first package includes:

The photography of the preparation of a couple, the wedding ceremony and photos after the end of ceremony with all friends and guests. The duration of the photographer’s work shift is 4-4.5 hours. After this working shift, the client will receive 20 best photos with editing, retouching and color correction plus 150 other good quality pictures with color correction only. The price is 450 euros.

The second package includes:

Everything, that is included in the first package. What is added to the first package list: event photography in the restaurant and a photo session for a just married couple in a pre-selected picturesque and romantic location. Duration of the photographer’s work is 6 hours. The client will receive 35 best photos with editing, retouching and color correction plus 250 other good quality pictures with color correction. The price is 650 euros.

The third package includes:

Everything that is included in the second package. What are the advantages of the package number three? Larger duration of the working shift of the photographer. It increases up to 11 hours, which allows you to enjoy professional coverage during the whole event. The number of photos you get is also significantly higher: 45 best photos with editing, retouching and color correction plus 500 other good quality photos with only color correction. The price is 1100 euros.

Wedding video in Barcelona.

There are two price offers for this type of service:

The main package. Price: € 900. This includes the following activities:

  1. A professional video reportage coverage during a full working shift of 8 hours. Filming of all major events plus a romantic video promenade with just married couple on their wedding day. This walk results in creation of a music clip and its further incorporation to the final version of the wedding film. Commonly, it looks like a romantic video tale, full of tender and joyful moments, accompanied by appropriate music. This activity is always the subject of a prior discussion with a client.
  2. Editing the film, color correction, adding special effects, searching and adding suitable music (including tracks, previously agreed with a couple.) Total duration of a wedding film is up to 15 minutes.

Improved package with aerial photography. Price: € 1200. It features all that is included in the basic package. And adds some very useful extras:

  1. Unlimited work shift during the event, from the very beginning until the final point (not more than 11 hours en total)
  2. The duration of the final wedding film is up to 22 minutes.
  3. Aerial videography performed by skilled drone pilot and the latest equipment

Those, who might select this option, should know that in this case two people would work on your event as a videography unit. It would consist of the main camera operator and the drone operator. The pilot is providing aerial coverage where it is necessary during the whole wedding. He is also in charge of filming large-scale cinematic shots, which perfectly demonstrate the wedding location in various scales. He also performs the shooting of the following episodes: the ceremony (in the beginning and at the end), a romantic promenade and a reception standing which normally starts after the end of a ceremony. Depending on clients’ needs, it is possible to organize aerial shooting of any special moments or objects, located outdoor. It important to understand that aerial footage of a drone is always stunningly beautiful due to its unique position high above everything.

Business (portrait) photography for companies and individuals.

The service basic price is 200 euros. Standard package includes one successful and personally approved portrait for each of the employees with processing, retouching and color correction. The best picture is to be chosen by the employee or his chief among alternative versions of portrait shots.

Maximum number of company’s personnel covered by this package is up to 8 people. One group shot of the team, participating in this activity is included. The service of business photography in Barcelona is available for both indoor and outdoor locations.

Event photography in Barcelona

The price of the basic event package is 170 euros. The price includes the work of the photographer at the event during 3 hours; candid shooting during the event. Being a professional event photographer in Barcelona I focus my work on communication between participants, public speaking of an event’s key personalities, presentations, products and other important details. This Barcelona event photography offer consists of two parts. The main one is a live photo coverage of the happening.  However, the second part is also of significance. I include in my service a portrait shooting of guests at the entrance, widely known as “photo-call”. Incoming people always gladly agree to make a photo in the front of a corporate banner covered with hosts branding and advertisement. If the event organizer requests this service, I would be ready to install a dedicated static softbox at the event entrance. This will provide an opportunity for every invited person to get a professional portrait photo with all the branding at the background.

Interior photo shoot of real estate in Barcelona.

My rates are as follows: from 60 euros for interior shooting of a standard-sized apartment, (correction of colour and retouch are included). 100 euros is a price for larger properties like villa, chalet, etc.

Promotional video for real estate in Barcelona.

Production costs start from 260 euros for one video clip with the duration from two to three minutes. The price includes video shooting with a Canon full-frame DSLR camera and a drone, both in FullHD resolution and 25 fps.  Editing and selection of an adequate music track is included as well. The music used in my video never has copyright issues after uploading, for example, on YouTube service. At the final stage of production, after the client approves the final editing version of a video, a possibility to add subtitles and simple graphical elements is offered by me. These subtitles normally contain useful information about the real estate property shown in the promotional video. I could make up to three versions of video with different subtitle languages. Finally, at the very end of post-production stages, I apply professional color correction of the video material done with a help of a sophisticated software used in the film industry.

Basic virtual tour for real estate

The price of this service is 60 euros and includes any 7 locations of your property. Each additional location has an extra cost of 10 euros. Normally the tour is being produced pretty fast, so in couple of days the permanent link, which leads to the tour’s starting page, will be delivered to you via email.

Advanced 3D virtual tours of the real estate property in Barcelona.

The price starts from 120 euros per tour. This includes shooting and producing tour of any 7 locations of a property. It can be any type of rooms, terraces, bathrooms. Including, for example, garden next to the house, location at the front door from the street, street in front of the house, garage or underground parking. If you need to include more than seven locations in the virtual tour, each subsequent location will have an extra cost of 15 euros. In the case of requesting a tour for an object with multiple premises or several real estate objects, a discount is granted immediately.

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