The Catalan-Irish wedding in a medieval mansion with a lighthouse and a church on the Costa Brava.

                   Mikel is a purebred Catalan, and Shona belongs to an ancient Irish family. They met each other in romantic Barcelona. This is a kind of city, where the meeting of two young and sympathetic people, rarely remains without further development. The wedding, that followed briefly, was organized in order to get together both nations’ representatives in a very beautiful place at a Spanish Costa Brava. So, one sunny Saturday relatives and friends from both sides gathered in the mansion´s old church. Even despite the fact, that the local priest conducted the ceremony in two languages, it was still solemn, sublime and romantic. People of both nationalities were crying and laughing equally while congratulating the newlyweds after the end of the ceremony. While I was charmed with a film looking nature of the region, where the event took place. It was literally appealing to be captured on video in a best way possible.

That was the reason why my drone appeared again on the scene. Focusing on the beauties of the area, I invited just married couple to go for a romantic promenade. The route took us through endless greenery alongside the astonishing landscapes. Shauna and Mikel were completely engulfed in all the emotions of such a fabulous day, giving me a chance to capture unrevealed and touching moments. I delicately and carefully preserved them doing my videography job as best as I can. Later, they found their logical place in a wedding film made for a couple, in the form of a small romantic clip.

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