The Russian-Spanish wedding in Blanes, Costa Brava.

                   Olga and Joan, a beautiful and harmonious couple. A perfect sample of dynamic, diverse holiday planned and organized by professionals with the full participation of the couple. The very special mood of the event was underlined by noticeable details. The classic muscle car of the groom, a beautiful ceremony with a spectacular appearance of the pair of sweethearts, a photo session with a huge cover of the magazine "Hola!" on the background dedicated to the wedding, Russian folk dances and the passionate flamenco, fireworks and gifts to the guests – this event was full of surprises.

Despite the traditional rush of the wedding day, the just married couple found time to shoot a romantic mini-clip in the style of love-story. This appealing and emotional music video could be found in the beginning of the film, right after the part with the dressing of future spouses. Moreover, this shoot turned to be a really standalone experience for me as a video professional. It was first time I engaged my drone and its vast video capabilities to provide professional aerial coverage of the event. With the help of this aircraft, it became possible for me to film exclusive and breathtaking shots from above, showing to my clients a completely unexpected point of view. After adding this footage to the final movie, I found that the overall diversity and spectacularity of the video has increased dramatically. The enriched visual content of the wedding film is now offering to its spectator more complete feeling of event’s atmosphere and location.

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